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Missions To 1040 Nations

Van, Turkey – January 2022

Yours truly is here at the library trying to do my regular daily personal Bible study (using my Dell Chromebook laptop). But I was contemplating of things including the ministry that the blessed LORD GOD has given me here in Jersey City. I am so indefinitely grateful/indebted to my GOD and my SAVIOUR the LORD JESUS for all these unbelievable things/gifts that HE showers on me every day. There was this concern I have on the activities here like the every day full-time ministry after having done the 2 week missions evangelism globally (Turkey) in the 1040 nation. What I was thinking (intentionally) of doing with the full-time ministry that the blessed LORD GOD has allowed me to do is full-time service (all-out) in a mission field (foreign). But at the present time, I am still here even after the March 22, 2019 turn around for the full-time ministry. And it has been 3 years since. Nevertheless, the blessed LORD GOD has allowed me to service HIM in a small way at Turkey (for two weeks). In the meantime, I am now doing regular Bible study with a JIL (JESUS is LORD) Bible study group on Tuesdays, and InterCP FO (Field Operation) prayer fellowship on Sunday evenings, and doing the FACRC (Filipino American Christian Reformed Church) church bulletin. And LORD willing, I will be going t Israel to do another two weeks of evangelism ministry.

Unger’s Bible Handbook and 1611 KJV Bible

So, yours truly is doing my personal Bible study of the book of Amos (and Revelation). I used this book as our scripture reading for the Sunday FO prayer fellowship (since I was familiar with it). The prophet Amos started out telling us his timeline – in whose reign he was ministering, namely Uzziah of Judah, and Jeroboam 2nd of Israel; and with the “roaring” of the judgments of the different Gentile nations, as well as those of the two kingdoms of the LORD, which are Judah and Israel.


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